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I'm Roberto, an illustrator, from Brazil, living in Brisbane and selling some special art pieces for a cause close to my heart.


Thailand is a second home for my partner Vickie and I, having lived there to train and compete in our sport, Muay Thai. We fell in love with the people, the food, the way of life, and made some wonderful friends too.

It broke our hearts when we read that the suicide rate has skyrocketed in the past weeks, and that people are literally starving, with practically zero help from the government.

So we quickly rallied together with 3 of our good friends in Thailand (Mary, Frances and Sandy), and using my art skills, and their networks, we're now able to give directly to people who need help now. (You can read about each of us at the bottom of this page).

"I've created affordable artwork inspired by the beautiful people of Thailand, to contribute to those most vulnerable in these difficult times."

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I hope you enjoy choosing and receiving these limited edition prints, and helping so many people.

Elephant takes on the world

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The majestic Thai Elephant, a true survivor, but only just.

I'm so glad to see more and more sanctuaries replacing the more circus-style elephant farms, and that riding is being replaced with feeding, bathing and just observing these majestic creatures.

When I was training Muay Thai in Phuket, I saw elephants in the nearby hills....I think they were in an enclosed sanctuary, but I liked to imagine they were part of a wild, free herd.

I love their eyes, sorrowful and knowing, gentle but more powerful than 100 men. Yes, these gorgeous animals must be protected, and nurtured, as should all animals in the world.

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We donate 100% of profits to people in need...and you can see their stories as we begin to raise and distribute funds....

Who We Are
Frances Watthanya

Gym Owner, Issan, Thailand

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Mary Stevens

Teacher, Phuket, Thailand

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Sandy Remiens

Rehab Master Trainer/Wellness Coach, Bangkok, Thailand

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Roberto Fogassi

Illustrations, Brisbane, Australia

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Vickie Saunders

Business Owner, Brisbane, Australia

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Some articles about the situation in Thailand

Suicide Rate Spikes

As a coronavirus lockdown devastates Thailand's economy, more people are taking their own lives.

Little to No Support

Millions of Thais left out of government's Covid-19 cash relief scheme.

Inequality Worsened

Many Thais were already economically marginalised before the outbreak. Without urgent action, they will fall deeper into poverty.